Repair and Regulation

I offer the following services to my clients:

1. Full and partial piano regulation:

According to the Piano Technicians Guild, “as a conscientious piano owner, you probably have your piano tuned regularly by a qualified technician. You may, however, notice a deterioration of its performance despite regular tuning. It’s important to note that tuning is only the adjustment of the system of strings and pins that determines the pitch of each string. Your piano also requires a periodic servicing called regulation, which attends to the mechanical parts which cause strings to sound when keys are played and affect the sound through use of the pedals. Regulation is the adjustment of the mechanical aspects of the pianos to compensate for the effects of wear, the compacting and settling of cloth, felt, and buckskin, as well as dimensional changes in wood and wool parts due to changes in humidity. The three systems involved in regulation are the action, trapwork and damper system.” I can provide a brochure from the PTG for any customer to further explain these procedures.
During the course of my career, I have regulated and repaired all types of grand and upright pianos manufactured by such companies as Steinway, Mason and Hamilin, Yamaha, Kawai and Bosendorfer.

2. Action geometry analysis and repair or rebuilding. I have completely installed action parts from Renner; Wissel Nickel and Gross; and Steinway.

3. Complete restoration of piano keys including rebushing, replacement of key tops and key buttons, plus the repositioning of cap stands and back checks.

4. Piano inspection and evaluation services.